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Seavus is an innovation company creating the next generation solutions that take the business world beyond success. Seavus are focused on thinking further than what’s expected, and this is why we are always proposing fresh solutions/approaches to the existing challenges. Seavus started back in 1999 with a few people and an idea. Today they are a multinational company that continuously delights the customers with services and products in an agile and business-value-first approach. Seavus help over 3,500 customers worldwide to efficiently achieve their goals. Some of them are walking the road to success with us for over 18 years.


Target Communication made a feasibility study and a business plan for Seavus with the title: "Entering new markets with Innovative products and software solutions". Target communications researched and conducted a strategy for on demand engineering projects as well as designing processes between marketing and it departments. Today Seavus is one of the leaders in software solution, receiving numerous TM Forum excellence awards. Partnered with numerous successful companies as Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, Cisco systems and many more.